FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I get a visa for the course?

    You usually have to inform yourself about the requirements for a visa from your home country. Also check whether you want to/can apply for a language course visa or a student visa. Often, you will need to demonstrate at least A1 level language proficiency in order to obtain a visa to study or take a language course.

  • Will I get a confirmation for the course?

    If you need a confirmation for the language course, TUDIAS will send you an invoice for the enrollment fee. The enrollment fee is usually 150 €. In some countries you will need to provide proof of payment of the full course fee (e.g. China). You can then transfer the fee to TUDIAS. After receiving the fee, we will send you the confirmation of payment. With this confirmation you can then apply for a visa.

  • I did not get a visa. And now?

    If the German Embassy has rejected your visa application, please send us an email with the rejection letter. In case you have already paid the full course fee, TUDIAS can refund you a part of the paid course fee. However, if you have not yet paid the course fee, we would still appreciate a short information if you are not able to enter Germany on the scheduled date.

  • I get my visa too late. Can I still participate in the course? / What happens if I enter after the course start date?

    You can still join the course up to four weeks after it has started. If you are more than four weeks late, we will be happy to discuss directly with you whether it is still possible to join the course or if you should rather wait until the next semester.

  • When do I have to pay the course fee?

    You have to pay the course fee after you have signed the contract with TUDIAS. The contract contains the payment deadline and all information about the payment options.

  • Can I pay by credit card?

    You can pay the course fee by bank transfer and at TUDIAS in cash or with EC card. Payment by credit card is not possible.

  • Do I have to pay the course fee all at once?

    You can pay the course fee all at once or in two to four installments, depending on the amount of the course fee (from at least 1000 €). However, you will have to pay a small extra fee for this.

  • Can TUDIAS provide me with accommodation?

    Unfortunately, TUDIAS does not have the possibility to provide you with accommodation. However, we can help you to find an apartment or a room in Dresden. Here you will find some addresses that can help you in your search.

  • Do I need health insurance?

    You need health insurance when you enter Germany. If you have only taken out short-term travel insurance in your home country, we will be happy to help you find health insurance for a longer period locally.

  • Will I get a certificate for the course?

    For all courses you will receive a certificate of attendance at the end. If an exam is included in the course, you will also receive a TUDIAS certificate if you pass the exam.

  • How do I register for DSH/telc/TestDaF?

    For the DSH, you must first apply to your university of choice. You will then receive an invitation to the DSH directly from the university. This examination is conducted separately by each university. For telc and TestDaF please register online on the websites of the test centers. There you will also find the respective test dates, test locations and fees.

  • Are the fees for DSH/TestDaF/telc included in the course fee?

    No. The course fee includes the course lessons that prepare you for the exam. You have to pay the exam fee extra.

  • Do I have to be a student to attend the courses at TUDIAS? / I do not want to study. Can I still attend the German courses at TUDIAS?

    Although the intensive courses for German as a foreign language are primarily aimed at future students at German colleges and universities, they are generally open to all interested parties. Anyone interested can attend the courses, even if they do not plan to study in Germany. The Intermediate and Advanced B2/C1 course prepares participants at the C1 level for the DSH or TestDaF exams, but of course also serves to improve German in general. If you are looking for a more conversation-oriented German language course, you may also find a suitable evening course at TUDIAS.

  • What does the entrance test look like?

    At TUDIAS, you must take a placement or entrance test for all courses that require prior knowledge. For the A2-B1/B2.1 course, you must take a 30-minute grammar test. You will be tested on all grammar topics that you have learned at level A1. For the B2-C1 course you have to take a grammar test of 30 minutes (all grammar topics up to B1) and write a text with the length of 100 words. For the text you will be given a topic to write about and you will have 30 minutes to do it.

  • What happens if I don't pass the entrance test?

    If you do not pass the test for group A2 or B2, you can always change to a course with a lower level. In this course you will then learn and repeat the topics that you have problems with. After that you are able to change to the next higher course.

  • What is the difference between DSH/TestDaF/telc C1 Hochschule? Which exam is the easiest?

    The three exams are structured differently. You can find examples of each exam on the internet and decide for yourself which format is most convenient for you. All three exams test your language skills to level C1 and want to know if you can study in German. So, no exam is easier than the other. They only differ in structure and setup.

  • Do I have student status as a participant at TUDIAS?

    As a participant in a German course at TUDIAS, you are not a student. However, you will receive a participant card for the language course.

  • Can I get a semester ticket for public transportation as a participant in a language course?

    As a participant in a course at TUDIAS you are not registered as a university student. Therefore, you cannot get a semester ticket for public transportation. If you are currently matriculated at a university or college, you can buy a reduced monthly ticket after consulting us.