Specialized Courses at the TUDIAS Preparatory College

The TUDIAS Preparatory College offers various specialized courses to prepare students for university studies. The content of the core courses is based on the corresponding degree programs. Accordingly, applicants take the specialized course that enables them to pursue the course of study they are aiming for.

  • T - to prepare for technical, mathematical, and natural science studies
  • M - to prepare for medicine and biology studies
  • W - to prepare for business and social science studies

Dr. Andrea Strützel
Director of Preparatory College
Registration for the Preparatory College takes place via Registration form.

Appointment by arrangement


The T-course prepares international applicants for technical, mathematical, and natural science studies. The T-course includes the following subjects:

Subject Lessons
per week
Main topics
German 10 B2/C1 GER
Physics 8 Kinematics, Dynamics, Mechanical Oscillations, Gravitation, Electrostatics, Direct Current Electrics, Magnetic Field, Alternating Current Electrics
Mathematics 6 Functions, Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus, Matrix Calculus, Linear Systems of Equations, Vector Calculus, Analytical Geometry
Chemistry 4 Substances and reactions, stoichiometry, chemical energetics, atomic structure and periodic table of the elements, chemical bonds, chemical equilibrium and chemical kinetics, acids and bases, electrochemistry, and redox equilibrium
Informatics 4 Excel, VBA, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python


The M-course is designed for international prospective students for a medical or biology degree program. The M-course includes the following subjects:

Subject Lessons
per week
Main topics
German 10 B2/C1 GER
Biology 6 Cytology and histology, substances and metabolism, anatomy and physiology, regulation, genetics
Physics 4 Statics and dynamics, kinematics, work / energy / conservation of energy / power, electrics, direct current electrics, magnetic field, thermodynamics, optics, mechanical electromagnetic oscillations and waves
Mathematics 4 Functions, differential calculus, integral calculus
Chemistry 6 Substances and Reactions, Stoichiometry, Atomic Structure and Periodic Table of the Elements, Chemical Bonds, Acids and Bases, Organic Chemistry
Informatics 2 Excel, Programm R


The W course is designed to prepare students for business and social science studies. The W-course includes the following subjects:

Subject Ustd. pro Woche Themenschwerpunkte
German 10 B2/C1 GER
Economics 4 Market and price, economic systems, cycle, national product, national income, money, currency, foreign trade
Business Administration 4 The enterprise as a productive social system, constitutive decisions, corporate governance and management, the operational performance process, corporate accounting
History 4 England - Motherland of Industrialization, Industrialization in Germany, Political Developments in the 19th and 20th Centuries, Nations and Nationalism, Imperialism and World War I, The Weimar Republic
Mathematics 6 Linear algebra, financial mathematics, calculus, applications of calculus in economics
Informatics 4 Excel, VBA, ACCESS, Algorithms, database systems, data protection, introduction to business informatics