TUDIAS Preparatory College at the TU Dresden


The state-recognized TUDIAS Preparatory College serves to prepare international applicants for their studies in terms of subject and language. The program is explicitly aimed at applicants who do not yet have the necessary preconditions to be accepted to German university. The most important preconditions include sufficient knowledge of German and a school or university degree. The Preparatory College intensively prepares international applicants whose high school diploma is not sufficient to be accepted for university studies in Germany. The course lasts a total of two semesters. Participants then take an internal assessment test to obtain their university entrance qualification.

Preparation for the assessment test takes place in specialized courses. The focus areas are determined depending on the student's desired course of study:

  • T-course for technical, mathematical, and natural science studies
  • M-course for medical and biology studies
  • W-course for economic and social science studies

Dr. Andrea Strützel
Director of Preparatory College
Registration for the Preparatory College takes place via Registration form.

Appointment by arrangement

Participation in the TUDIAS Preparatory College

A school-leaving certificate or additional previous education is often not sufficient to study in Germany. By participating in a Studienkolleg (Preparatory College), international applicants acquire the necessary qualifications for studying in Germany. As a general rule, if your diploma is not recognized as a university entrance qualification in Germany, you are required to attend a Preparatory College. You can read whether participation in a Preparatory College is required here or here.




Application to the TUDIAS Preparatory College

Prospective international students can apply for the TUDIAS Studienkolleg (Preparatory College) at the TU Dresden at any time. However, the application for the Preparatory College requires a conditional acceptance for a study place at a Saxon college or university (e.g. TU Dresden).

Dates and Duration of the TUDIAS Preparatory College

All courses last two semesters each and include 32 hours of instruction per week. Below you will find an overview of the periods offered in the summer and winter semesters:

  Winter semester 2024/2025 Summer semester 2025
1st Semester 23.09.2024-07.02.2025 17.03.2025-01.08.2025
2nd Semester 26.08.2024-07.02.2025 17.02.2025-08.07.2025
Admission test 12.09.2024 06.03.2025