Tudias Paperwork Service

Mostly unpopular, but nevertheless necessary for a study stay in Germany: Administrative procedures, applications, and documents that you need in preparation for your studies.

The TUDIAS Paperwork Service supports you in submitting all necessary documents on time and with the correct content.

  • Appointment and support at the Government Office
  • Appointment and support at the Immigration Office
  • If necessary, assistance in opening a bank account
  • Support with your application

What does the Tudias Paperwork Service include?

There are a number of things international applicants need to consider when starting a study abroad program in Germany. In addition to a valid visa and the legally required health insurance, you will need, for example, proof of funding and a university entrance qualification for your study abroad. We will support you in submitting the required documents on time and will also accompany you through the most important administrative procedures.

  • Appointment and support to the Citizen's Office

    The Citizens' Office (Bürgerbüro, also Einwohnermeldeamt) is responsible, among other things, for the registration and re-registration of residence as well as for the issuance of passports and identity cards.

    Within two weeks of arrival in Germany, foreign students must register their residence in Germany with the responsible Citizens' Office. For the registration you need a passport (if necessary, with visa), the completed application form, and the landlord's confirmation of residence.

    As part of the TUDIAS Paperwork Service, we will arrange an appointment for you and, if you wish, we will accompany you to the Citizen's Office of the city of Dresden responsible for your district.

  • Appointment and support at the Immigration Office

    The Immigration Office is primarily responsible for enforcing regulations concerning foreigners in Germany. This includes, for example, the issuing of residence permits, expulsions or deportations, and the issuing of passports for foreigners.

    Foreign students from EU countries do not need a visa or a residence permit to study in Germany. Applicants from non-EU countries, on the other hand, must contact the responsible Immigration Office of their place of residence immediately after their arrival in Germany for registration under immigration law and the issuance of a residence permit.

    Students from non-EU countries who stay in Germany for more than three months in the course of their studies require a valid residence permit in addition to a visa. The residence permit for study purposes is usually limited to a maximum of two years and must be renewed annually. For the annual renewal, proof of financing must also be provided, whereby the required amount of money must actually be available. Furthermore, the residence permit is tied to the course of study specified therein, which is why changing the course of study or dropping out can lead to the loss of the right of residence. After the successful completion of the studies, there is the possibility to find a suitable job in Germany for 18 months and to apply for a new residence permit for this period.

    With the TUDIAS Paperwork Service we prepare you for your appointment at the Immigration Office. Not only do we ensure that you submit all the necessary documents on time, but we also support you on site.

  • Assistance in opening a bank account

    For a study stay in Germany, international students from non-EU countries need a so-called proof of financing both for the visa application and for the study application in general. This certifies that you have the necessary means to finance your living and studies in Germany.

    In most cases, the proof of financing is done by means of a blocked account - a special bank account into which you deposit the amount of money required to cover the cost of living in Germany. As a rule, you will then have no access to the account until your arrival in Germany and only limited access during your studies. You can set up a corresponding blocked account locally at Deutsche Bank or Ostsächsische Sparkasse as well as at an online bank (Coracle, Expatrio oder Fintiba).

    As part of the TUDIAS Paperwork Service, we will assist you in opening the account if required.

  • Support with your application

    With the TUDIAS Paperwork Service, we ensure that you submit all applications required for your study stay in Germany to the relevant authorities and offices on time and correctly.


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Not quite sure yet? Let our students convince you!

  • Wendy Siabato Hooper from Panama
    participant of the TUDIAS Preparatory College

    "I’d like to thank TUDIAS for the support and personal attention! Even if studying abroad requires a lot of work and perseverance, it has opened up so many new opportunities for me - not only professionally, but also culturally."

  • Yue Wen from China
    participant of the German language course at TUDIAS

    "Studying in Germany - and thus learning the German language with TUDIAS - has not only brought me further on a professional level, it has also allowed me to grow. I am grateful for that and hope that I can learn a lot more about myself in the future."

  • Qiqi Yang from China
    participant of the German language course at TUDIAS

    "Participating in the TUDIAS intensive course really helped me to find my way around Germany, the people here and the way they interact with each other. It is now much easier for me to exchange my opinions and ideas in German and to have both everyday and professional conversations."

  • Ziqi Wang from China
    participant of the German language course at TUDIAS

    "Studying in Germany has always been one of my biggest dreams. Thanks to my participation in the GFL course at TUDIAS, I was finally able to enroll at TU Dresden in October 2020 - and have thus come a big step closer to my goal."